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So I was quite fortunate enough to hang out with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neel of Job Matchbox tonight and we shot the breeze about what was going on with their site since they recently redesigned their site and a bunch of other things.

As it turns out, it’s probably been a couple of months or so since they last updated the site, but they’ve gone ahead and incorporated WordPress into their site to allow for easier management and I think it looks pretty good. This great startup company in Washington, DC is probably particularly useful for folks who enjoy dabbling in the social media or web 2.0 realm and are having difficulty finding similar jobs in this profession. Sure, you can go to an agency and possibly have the chance to work on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or something else, but Job Matchbox has taken all that stress of looking away and created a central repository.

Functioning essentially like headhunters, they’ve become quite immersed in the Washington, DC tech world and have posted some “featured” jobs on their website of companies that are looking for talented people like you! Want to get active in a startup company or perhaps you are a company looking for talented folks, then look no further. Just open up a new tab on your browser and head on over to Job Matchbox and give ’em a try! If you can’t get in touch with them now, then try again. They’re all over the place these days and have been sponsoring several gatherings of DC’s tech elite and newbies alike. Whether at a social event or even at a career fair, these guys are on the prowl for good talent.

And let’s face it…in DC, the tech community is huge and startups and entrepreneurs are eager to find folks who are hungry for success and are looking to grow their business. With sites like or, you’re searches are too broad and you’ll never find someone specifically who has AJAX capabilities or skilled in developing widgets and is local. But with Job Matchbox you will.

So what are you waiting for? Are you actively looking for a new job or even a new career? Want to get your hands on the newest talent in the city? Visit for more info.

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