It’s Advertising Week in Washington, DC

So it’s Advertising Week in DC in case you didn’t know. Marketing’s version of “Fashion Week” is produced by the Advertising Club of Washington, DC and sponsored by Discovery Communications, NBC4, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. This event runs from September 17-21 and happens throughout the city. Unfortunately this isn’t one of those “free” events, but it might be beneficial for those of us in the advertising/marketing industry to attend (budget willing). They even have some great speakers lined up like Tim Russert from NBC and people from Blattner Brunner, MDB Communications, and Discovery Communications.

If you’re interested in attending, this event only runs a max of about $200, but you can customize your registration and obviously the ultimate cost depends on what you select. listed a little blog note about this event and pointed out to the Ad Week DC’s commercials as being of something interesting. According to the posting, while the ads are a little “cheesy”, they are actual ads for companies. At the top of this blog, there’s a YouTube video that was used to promote AdWeek in DC.

Should be interesting…is anyone going?

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