Things To Get If You’re An Evangalist

I was thinking recently about all the do-dads and gadgets that someone would need just to be at the top of their game and promote the Internet and be a true evangalist for the Internet marketing industry. Initially, all it would take would be to have a laptop, scanner, and maybe even a digital camera, but now, you’ll need practically a whole litany of gadgets just to keep up with the latest innovations. What specifically, you ask?

Here’s a incomplete list of gadgets that someone in our industry may need to continue to be at the forefront of this online marketing revolution (of sorts)…

  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera
  • Scanner
  • Cell phone with SMS & bluetooth capabilities and a built-in camera
  • Wi-fi enabled device (cell phone, handheld device)
  • Wireless network card
  • Webcam
  • iPod (with audio and video capability)
  • CD/DVD burner
  • Portable thumb drive

I’m sure that this isn’t an exhaustive list, but I think this is the minimum stuff you’d need. If you know of any more, I’d love to know.

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