Web Manager’s Round Table

I was fortunate enough recently to participate in a Web Manager’s Round Table at the National Cable & Telecommunication Association building here in Washington, DC yesterday and I found it most informative. First of all, I managed to get interviewed by Peter Corbett from Blattner Brunner regarding how broadband video can be an instrumental tool in helping to promote a destination. Secondly, it was really interesting to see over 100 people who had similar jobs as I have here at WCTC in one room and network with them.

I’m sure a rerun of the event will be played courtesy of Blattner Brunner next week (I hope). Peter introduced his new exploration into Internet media yesterday by showing off his UStream broadcast and streamed live over the Internet the actual panel and discussion afterwards. Be sure to check out the replays when it happens…

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  1. Peter S. Corbett Avatar
    Peter S. Corbett

    Kenneth, thank you for taking the time to interview with me on Wednesday. Three videos containing interviews from the Web Manager’s Roundtable will be up on http://www.bbdigital.com/bbtv shortly, but you can access them via YouTube now. They are listed in my blog post here: http://www.advercation.com/2007/07/20/interviews-from-the-web-managers-round-table/

    Your interview is at the end of the first video.

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