All Hail Steve Jobs…the Geek of Geeks…

Although not surprising and in an article on, Steve Jobs, the founder of the worldwide best-selling iPod, has been named by Blender magazine the “undisputed king of the online music revolution” and has helped shape the way that music is listened in the world today. This ranking was in correlation to the magazine’s ranking of the most influential people in Web music.

Who rounded out the top 3 in the magazine’s “Powergeek 25”? In second place were those crazy guys who sold their company to Rupert Murdoch…the founders of Myspace…Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe. As for third place in the rankings, that honor fell to the creators of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

What’s interesting though is that Steve Jobs is pretty much the right choice for the top ranking. Think about it, with the introduction of the iPod, it helped users take their mp3s and transport it wherever they went, thereby further destroying the livelihood of the portable CD players in the world. Not only that, but the iPod eventually had features to watch videos and morphed into the ever-popular iPhone – which can surf the ‘net (Myspace) and watch videos (YouTube).

So, in actuality, Myspace and YouTube should be thankful that Steve Jobs is the Geek of Geeks…otherwise, how would people be able to share their videos or update their Myspace profile pages on the fly when they’re miles away from the nearest computer with Internet access?

Good job Steve…

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