Hello, iPhone? Can You Hear Me?

Looks like the Apple iPhone has suffered a little embarassment since its launch on June 29. While there was incredible hype for the latest iPod turned-digital entertainment portable console, one thing that the folks at AT&T and Apple probably didn’t think would be a great deal is the fact that people may want to be connected to their phones too…you know, activate the phones and actually let them make calls, try out the new features, etc. Doesn’t seem too difficult of thing to do, right?

However, I think Microsoft owns a minority share of Apple (or at least used to) and that may be a tradition passed on by Bill Gates…you know, making a product that EVERYONE craves and then release version 1.0 and have it filled with all these bugs. Although I’ll give AT&T credit for suckering people into buying it and not letting them use it – and STILL profit…although wouldn’t AT&T also get more money by people signing up for their wireless plans too? *shrugs*

Well I’m sure that the excessive strain on the servers will soon die off and plenty of people will be able to surf the Internet, watch YouTube videos, check their e-mail and even…one day…make that phone call they’ve been dying to do just to say they got the iPhone – almost a week ago.

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