Los Angeles CVB Redesigns Website

Redesigned website for Los Angeles CVB 2007
It seems that in 2007, a lot of Visitors and Convention Bureaus in the United States are redesigning their sites and Los Angeles just seems to be the latest victim of this trend. One thing that concerns me about their website is where do you see your eye going? The site does look simple, but from my opinion lacks direction. Here are some thoughts:

  • I know where I am – the name of the destination is pretty obvious.
  • There’s some interesting opening text on the homepage.
  • The secondary pages seem to be pretty organized.
  • The rotating images on the flash movie on the right side of the homepage is a little distracting and I’m not sure what purpose it serves.
  • The links are pretty small and a little difficult to find.

Nevertheless, the site might serve its purpose and I thought I’d share a new website that was recently launched.

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