YouTube for President

So Hilary’s under attack by some guy who put together a video clip and is supporting Barack Obama. It’s not surprising that this new wave of technology is growing ever-so popular with the tech generation that people are starting to share their own entrepeneurship spirit and go ahead and create their own PSAs for everyone to see where that individual stands when it comes to electing various political officials. It doesn’t stop either when the official running for election is gunning for the Presidency of the United States. And why should it?

The most recent episode is with a faux Apple Ad (circa 1984) and was created by a guy who used to work for a political strategist company and is supporting Barack Obama in the primary. This whole epsiode has also caught the attention of mainstream media.

So when in doubt, if you need to promote your cause and bash your opponent in an election year cycle…and you don’t got enough money, then let your technology help you out and take advantage of YouTube.

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