Are YOU on MySpace?

So this article is not necessarily about MySpace, but rather more so relating to the effect that social networking has on the general public. As stated in the article from, more people are getting online with the whole social networking craze and this has great implications for advertisers. For one, if you’re the advertiser and jumped onto the bandwagon and formed your own MySpace page, then you’ve just acquired a larger audience….and older target market with more disposable income to spend than the teens that you’ve primarily focused on previously. conducted a study last month to see, among US Internet Users, what were the top web site categories. Not surprising, but Adult websites ranked number 1 on the list with 11.6%. However, beating education, news, and travel websites were those classified as being social networking sites and received 6% of the vote.

Now before you get all worked up about how 6% of respondents indicated that they use MySpace more than reading the news on or, think again…it’s not limited to JUST MySpace, but rather ALL social networking sites – Friendster, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
Marketers are rapidly embracing social networking, leading to tight inventory at several sites,” said Ms. Williamson. “Video inventory, in particular, is in high demand. While some spending is still experimental, more marketers are clearly committing actual budgeted funds to social networking and other user-generated content environments.” –
What Ms. Williamson, senior analyst and social networking expert at, is referring to is the abundance of opportunity for advertisers and marketers. With the rush to “join” social networking sites, people are constantly hungry for the newest feature to appear so they can consider themselves part of the early adapter stage. With YouTube’s success as a video sharing distributor, many other sites had to jump on board too – of which MySpace is most notable.
With such a large audience, the revenue generated from these ads will definitely be a boom to advertisers in the coming years…

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