I’m Published…Sort of…

So my design skills come full-circle as today DCist.com wrote about a campaign that is going on here at work – Share Your DC – and of course, the website is mentioned…

This site is fully intended to draw local DC residents to share with the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corporation (WCTC) their ideas and perspectives on what DC represents to them. It comes complete with a quick poll (similiar to that on CNN.com) and an e-mail registration form that you can subscribe to receive updates on the progress of this campaign.

What is your idea or vision of DC? Do you think of it being just the home of Congress, the seat of government, the Smithsonian, or do you see it as a hub of arts & culture, sporting events, diversity, residential wonders, and more? There is more than what it seems, but as the WCTC seeks to expand its horizons and create more targeted marketing collateral, it would be good to see what local residents see DC as before we tell visitors what they will experience.

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