Watch your attitude online…

First we had road rage, then we had sports rage, and now we have web rage. According to an article on CNN, a man has been jailed for allegedly committing a “web rage” attack. The article indicates that there was an argument in an Islam chat room and they had been exchanging verbal abuses online for several months. It all led up to the suspect and his friend going to the victim’s house and assulting him with a deadly weapon. It subsequently led to his arrest and the suspect was convicted of the assault through the “web rage” attack — London’s first conviction of that type — and sentenced to 2 1/2 years.

The Internet has been a means to allow people of all ages, race, creed, religion, etc. to connect throughout the world and it has also been used to plot and execute an assault on a person just for having a difference of opinions. The web just isn’t a safe place anymore…well at least not in public places.

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