Create your own search engine…

Call it charity, philantrophy, or simply a way for Google to reach out to a larger market…whatever it is, Google has released new tools that will allow users to create their very own search engine. Yes, that’s right…Google wants to control more online advertising revenue and be a great influencer in how you navigate the Internet.

Mirroring the methodology of, Google’s new technology allows users (advanced and those “technological neophytes”- as the AP called them) to create a customized search engine that will allow you to limit the types of searches and also to provide input on their ranking. Also the search engines can be limited to content specific sites and also vertical markets. As usual, Google’s good graces are not free and the standard Google ads will appear on the search engine.

Although this isn’t that new to Google, but probably tweaked a little bit more than what most programmers and web savvy individuals are used to. Before this recent rollout, webmasters could add a Google search engine and tune it so that the options would be to search the Internet for a specific term or search that particular site. It would be interesting to see how much more sophisticated and easier it will be to roll out a new search engine now.

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