Just how much can your website be worth?

Social networks are being gobbled up left and right these days. From Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of MySpace.com and YouTube by AOL, anything created these days online can wind up being worth millions or even billions within a matter of years. All that needs to be decided is whether to sell out and make big profit or not.

Many social networks have already been acquired by some of the biggest online names, but one social network — not as big as MySpace.com, but has a pretty substantial audience, refuses to be bought. That network is Craigslist. In an article posted on CNN.com, the creator of this website has been adamant about not selling out even after finding out that MySpace was valued at nearly $15 billion after three years. He claims that he doesn’t need the money and Craigslist has the audience. With 10 million people using their website (compared to 90 million on MySpace) and 4 billion page views annually, it is definitely a powerhouse to reckon with.

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