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Last week, B-to-B online published an article about how print advertisements are taking advantage of the web by driving all traffic there. Here is a summary of what was said:

  • Print advertisements role has been reduced from motivating its audience to purchase the product to driving readers to the company’s website.
  • A company’s website has more marketing potential than a typical print advertisment – it can utilize branding, selling, and informing users.
  • It’s a toss-up on how successful print ads drive key business decision makers to websites. This appears to be because the decision makers are so busy practically 24/7 that they won’t have enough patience to go from one media to another just to find out more information. Or, they wish to go visit the product’s website, but put it off for later, but unintentionally forget.

It makes perfect sense to drive readers to the website for several reasons: cost-effective, the amount of information presented on a website is a hundred times more than what can be on a print ad, and successful targeting of a specific audience can be accomplished by combining the website with other online marketing components.

Just another supporting argument that the web is a vital asset in having a successful marketing campaign.

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