Hello Mylo…

Jumping off the previous post about 18-25 year old marketing, Sony once again has it down and is taking advantage of the Internet connectability of this demographic.

Launching in September (within the United States), the electronics giant plans to release mylo (short for “my life online”) and it claims to have all the features of a blackberry minus the cell phone feature. What will excited young people get to do with mylo? Well they can carry this portable device around and using wi-fi connection, they will be able to text message their friends, carry on conversations using Skype, launch an internet browser and view HTML pages, and even check their e-mail using GMail and/or Yahoo!. All this for a low-low price of $350.00? Well considering that you won’t be paying a “premium” fee for accessing wi-fi connection using your cell phone, that might entice users to save some money.

Now some may be thinking about what’s the big thing about mylo? Can’t you do the same thing with a Palm PDA or your cell phone? Why yes…but the key here is that Sony knows that you are thinking that, but they also see no reason for the majority of 18-25 year olds to have a PDA. Instead, they hope that with their strategic marketing, they can reach this segment and effectively invite them to spend their hard-earned summer job wages to buy this great toy — which looks remarkably like a T-Mobile Sidekick, if you ask me.

Regardless, with over 82% being connected to the Internet, it’s no surprise that Sony wants to bank on this trend. Who knows, will people start to blog instantaneously when they are on the go? Imagine seeing real-time updates on your friend’s vacation to California or a movie review on a new release or receiving an IM from a friend telling you who they just saw at the mall. Oh the possibilities…close contact just got closer…and may prove to be borderline harassment and addictive.

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