The maker of RETIN-A MICRO requested the production of a video display that would be shown at the Annual Academy of Dermatology conference. It would showcase the tretinoin gel to attendees on a massive 48-screen wall.

As the project’s producer, I led a team of designers, copywriters, medical researchers and video animators on video development. I worked closely on the script and storyboard creation, selection of a third-party studio and voice-over talent, handled all reviews including submitting the project for regulatory approval, and finally on-time delivery to the client.

A futuristic “Avatar”-like concept was selected for the video, showing what happened “inside the tube” to produce a dollop of RETIN-A MICRO medication dispensed from the tube.


On Display

The RETIN-A MICRO video on display across 48 screens at the AAD conference.

Concepting Work

Final Video Stills