Ken Yeung, Journalist

As a tech-savvy journalist, I am on the hunt for captivating stories about the visionaries and companies shaping our world using innovative technology. My career as a reporter at The Next Web and VentureBeat, as well as a blogger for Network Solutions,, and other media outlets, equipped me with a wealth of knowledge about the tech industry.

A Silicon Valley Reporter

My beat included reporting on the latest “Big Tech” advancements (Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and Meta), consumer tech firms, enterprise giants such as Salesforce and Box, platform leaders like Twilio, and fintech innovators Stripe, Square, and PayPal. Additionally, I tracked the startup ecosystem and accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and TechStars while also keeping tabs on media trends.

I have a track record of notable reporting, including uncovering Apple’s acquisition of the photo-sharing startup Color, Google’s development of a livestreaming platform and its acquisition of mobile app development startup Apportable.

Work Highlights

Vint Cerf: Musings on birthing the internet, AI, and wishing for the Star Trek computer (VentureBeat)

In an exclusive interview, the godfather of the internet shares his thoughts on his creation nearly 50 years later

Why the artist behind Twitter’s Fail Whale thinks art should be treated as currency (VentureBeat)

My interview with Yiying Lu on the history of the Fail Whale and why companies should invest in Artrepreneur-in-Residence programs

Behind Hawaii’s push to be a startup paradise (VentureBeat)

Governor David Ige (2014-2022) on how he’s positioning his state to be more competitive in technology

Samsung’s $150 million bet to find the next big startup (VentureBeat)

How can an electronics manufacturer keep up with the next big thing? Through the use of its corporate venture firm — here’s Samsung’s plan to help early-stage startups grow

Curating the First Draft of History

As an integral member of Flipboard’s editorial team for almost five years, I oversaw technology, science, COVID-19, and gaming coverage. My responsibilities included monitoring breaking news, tracking developments in major events and conferences, collaborating with audience development teams, and contributing to Flipboard’s blog.

Additionally, I co-hosted the “Tech Briefs” podcast with Digital Trends for over 50 episodes, providing concise summaries of the top technology news each week, covering topics such as CES, MWC, Tesla, Twitter, Facebook, and SpaceX.

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The proliferation of internet-based creators and influencers led me to co-found “The Created Economy” podcast. The show not only delved into the headlines surrounding the creator economy but also included in-depth interviews with key personalities in the space, such as startup builders, investors and creators themselves.

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