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I’m a news junkie—I admit it—and spend countless hours at work, on my commute to and from, and even during my personal time scouring the internet looking for what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s tech-related, business, political, world, sports, or entertainment, I yearn to consume that knowledge. And I’m obsessed with sharing the best things I come across with others, eager to help inform them about things they may care about.

The internet has made it easy for noise to proliferate—it’s overwhelming when everything’s flying at you in near-real-time. But as you dodge all the small tidbits, you could miss the big-picture story that could have significant consequences on your company, industry, and/or life. It’s one thing to share on social media, but while a timeline may have been originally designed as a steady river of information, it can easily be a deluge, once again causing you to miss on what’s critical.

This is why I launched Filed, a weekly newsletter curating the big-picture news around tech. Each issue will contain a collection of articles (e.g. long-form features, analysis, profiles, investigative pieces), my personal insights derived by someone who has been a tech reporter for The Next Web and VentureBeat, and who looks at the industry as a whole at Flipboard, and other fun stories you may not have come across during your week.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I encourage you to subscribe to Filed because I’ll be putting more commentary there (and occasionally here as well).

After publishing my “10 Questions” series this summer, I was reinvigorated to get back into writing, talking to people about what’s going on in tech. And looking through the news, if you pass by all the app updates, funding news, executive hirings, earnings, and other miscellaneous company updates, you’ll find some real gems, whether it’s deep dives about the state of surveillance, anti-trust and regulatory investigations of Big Tech, insights into artificial intelligence, the use of facial recognition, data privacy, and more. It’s my goal to surface these for you, making it easier to be informed about what’s really happening in tech.

To those in PR: at this time I’m not entertaining pitches for Filed, but if you’re interested in coverage, I may write about it on my blog (note: not Flipboard or any other site where I previously worked at).

Special thanks to Krystal Lauk Studios for her amazing work in designing the Filed brand. The name was selected because of its ties to journalism, where to file something meant getting it ready to go out on the news service. This is what I wanted to recreate: make this newsletter akin to a news service where you’ll find things that matter.

I’d love your support and if you have feedback, please send me a note either via email or through social media. Thanks!

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