Orange Silicon Valley: Content Strategist

Producing Orange Institute 14

A week-long event, Orange Institute (“IO”) serves as a guide for the digital economy. It’s a well-attended affair with leaders from throughout Orange’s many divisions as well as partner executives. Each edition is held in a different city, from Beijing to Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Tel Aviv, Seoul, and Silicon Valley.

The fourteenth conference was held in dual cities: the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. As part of my duties, I was tasked with finding appropriate venues and startup offices to host attendees, as well as identifying suitable speakers and topics of interest.

The speakers I brought on board included Brian Doll, former Vice President of Marketing at GitHub; Bill Macaitis, former Chief Marketing Officer at Slack; Andrea Mangini, former Vice President of User Experience at Autodesk; Denny Boil, Director at Silicon Valley Bank; Reetika Grewal, Head of Payments and Solutions at Silicon Valley Bank; Adam Ludwin, CEO of; tech journalist Kurt Wagner; and author Ben Parr.

Orange Institute 14 attendees pose for a group photo in the lobby of GitHub’s San Francisco headquarters.

Additionally, I worked with others on the content team to produce an event report with highlights — reviewing photos, editing copy, and promoting it on the Orange Silicon Valley website.

Orange Institute 14: Seeing the Unseen Digital from Ken Yeung

Editing Orange Silicon Valley Reports

During my time at Orange Silicon Valley, I was involved in the production of several reports. In my role, I was responsible for providing editorial support, including proofreading and coordinating contributors. I also offered marketing and PR support to help promote the reports. To increase their visibility, I organized events with a panel of experts in the relevant topics. I successfully secured speakers from companies such as Lyft and Intel to participate in these events.

‘Unicorns, Startups & Giants’

This report analyzed 60 technology companies with a valuation of over $1 billion that accounted for a combined $232 billion in market value at the time of publishing. The research indicated that these so-called “unicorns” became new engines of disruption that reshaped the competitive landscape.

In addition to serving as an editor, I helped draft a press release, worked with Orange Silicon Valley’s external PR firm to reach out to the media such as The Wall Street Journal, prepared our CEO for interviews, and more.

‘Who Cares?!’

To commemorate the launch of “Who Cares? Transforming the Connection with Customers,” I co-produced an event at Orange Silicon Valley, successfully enlisting participation from Ron Storm, Lyft’s former vice president of people, as the keynote speaker, and promoting the evening on our website.