Flipboard ‘Truth Seekers’: Climate Change

The Reality of Climate Change

Flipboard’s “Truth Seekers” project launched in 2020 to provide readers with thoughtful, objective insights on the day’s most divisive issues from experts. The goal was to create opportunities for meaningful dialogue. For Earth Month 2022, I spearheaded a special series edition focused on climate change.

To achieve this goal, I developed a concept to showcase perspectives on the global emergency. The focus was on insights not from politicians or polarizing figures but from scientists, policy experts, and journalists. Given the broad nature of climate change, I identified 20 potential sub-themes. These served both as outreach points to contributors and as a comprehensive framework, offering a detailed 35,000-foot view of the planet’s current state.

Some of the Storyboards produced for Flipboard's "Truth Seekers" series on climate change.

Climate Change Themes

  • The general global climate change problem
  • The impact on animals
  • How cities are becoming more sustainable
  • The effect on the food supply chain
  • Shifting transportation
  • Deforestation
  • Climate change and youth activists
  • How the Ukrainian war is impacting climate change
  • Climate change and pollution
  • The effect on human migration
  • A changing nature
  • Environmental racism
  • The impact on oceans
  • How our energy usage is changing
  • Worsening natural disasters
  • Carbon removal and sustainable technology
  • Climate change misinformation
  • Biodiversity and climate change

Nearly 50 people were contacted, many of whom were “cold-called.” Eleven people agreed to participate, including a youth activist who collaborated with Greta Thunberg, a leader from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), scientists and a handful of climate journalists.

Each contributor provided insights for one of the aforementioned sub-themes. Their submissions included up to 10 articles that gave readers a deeper dive into the topic, along with a paragraph offering expert commentary.

Flipboard Contributors

Victoria Arroyo
Environmental Protection Agency
Associate Administrator for Policy

Sarah Gibbens
National Geographic
Environmental Journalist

Lisa Martine Jenkins
Climate Reporter

Brian Khan
Climate Editor

James McBride
Council on Foreign Relations
Deputy Managing Editor

Marcene Mitchell
World Wildlife Fund
Senior VP, Climate Change

Linda Poon
Bloomberg CityLab

Disha Ravi
Fridays for Future India
Youth Climate Activist

Rebecca Shaw
World Wildlife Fund
Chief Scientist

Eric Roston
Bloomberg News

James Temple
MIT Technology Review
Senior Editor

Flipboard’s “Truth Seekers”
The Reality of Climate Change

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