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Kenneth Yeung - Interactive Producer & MarketerProject Management

Project management is perhaps my strongest attribute that I can bring to the table to help out your company. Whether it's discovering what everyone's needs are with respect to the project to finding out available resources or troubleshooting, I'm quite capable of seeing a project through from start to finish.

While I may not have had the formal title for a long period of time, I have done project management duties in my extensive post-graduate career. That includes managing timelines, developing estimates/budgets, overseeing a team of creative designers and development teams, organizing client meetings and reports, composing scope of work documents, and other project responsibilities.

I've managed project on a variety of levels, including website builds/redesigns, email marketing campaigns, online advertising buys and keyword research, and banner placement/design. My experience includes me successfully working not only only within my interactive team, but also with other departments on a "global campaign". I've spearheaded efforts in working with advertising, public relations, media buying, branding and market research departments to collaborate on the best way to execute the web strategy in tandem with a larger strategic communication plan.

Why is this relevant to you? I understand how to communicate effectively with all parties, including internal teams and external stakeholders. I'll work hard to make sure that your project is as close to being on budget and on time as humanly possible and can effectively troubleshoot to minimize any inconveniences. I have the foresight to look ahead to examine any situation to see if there's any possible obstacles and can also relate to what the user experience would be on your project. You're not going to get someone who thinks tactically. I'm the one you want who will think STRATEGICALLY and understand how this project fits not within the one campaign but rather the larger picture.

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Quick facts about Kenneth Yeung

  • Interactive Producer
  • Experienced Account Manager/Executive
  • Overseen web projects of varying scope/sizes - budgets between $5,000 - $400,000
  • Capable of managing projects in web design, email marketing, online advertising, interactive/digital material, online video production and social media.
  • Skilled in a variety of software programs, including Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Highly involved in social media - noticeable online presence on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, MySpace, etc.
  • Blogger & photographer

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Kenneth is a rising star in the world of interactive marketing. He's passionate about this disciple and is always hungry to learn more. I would recommend Kenneth to anyone who is interested in taking their interactive marketing to the next level.

— Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs

I choose to purposely make myself accessible online on most major social networks in order to be contacted for opportunities, networking or other business-related purposes. Below are link to other sites where you can reach out to me.

If you wish to email me, please contact me at:
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