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Project Management

Accomplished project manager capable of overseeing an array of web marketing campaigns >>

Social Media Strategist

Skilled in providing long-term strategic plans on using social media & understanding on execution >>


Professional blogger writing about marketing, small business & all things covering the tech scene >>


One of the things that I greatly love doing is writing on my blogs. No, these are my areas on the Internet where I write about my personal feelings or about what my day was like. Rather, I derive great enjoyment from simply writing about what I'm passionate about: marketing & the Internet.

To this end, for the past three years, I've been writing frequently on the issues surrounding the web and what marketers can do to leverage the technology. Not one to focus on a specific niche like social media, I try and cover a wide array of subjects, including website usability, product reviews, email marketing, development standards, online advertising (SEO, search engine marketing, banners, etc.), mobile marketing and, of course, social media. In an effort to gain more prominence for my thoughts and to help leverage my career, I felt that this was a prudent course of action since I had a lot of fun doing this at my last jobs and wanted to continue to solicit my ideas to anyone who will listen.

I've had the fortunate opportunity to write for several great web publications to further promote my thoughs and marketing commentary on sites like in 2006 and now on Network Solutions on both their Solutions Are Power and Unintentional Entrepreneur blogs. In addition, since I'm starting to do more photography work, I've been able to post my commentary and photography from parties, conferences and events I attend on a very well-known tech scene blog

Do you want to pitch me? Regardless of the blog, I am always interested in writing more about the technology and marketing industry and what is happening on the Internet today. My focuses are somewhat different depending on the blog that I'm writing for...small business and entrepeneurship is geared towards Network Solutions while tech scenes and gadgetry is probably more appropriate for Everything else web-related could quite possibly by for my own blog at The Digital Letter - but I'm not about rehashing company's press releases. Instead, I'm about finding a new perspective and analyzing what benefit it will provide my readers and marketers.

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Quick facts about Kenneth Yeung

  • Interactive Producer
  • Experienced Account Manager/Executive
  • Overseen web projects of varying scope/sizes - budgets between $5,000 - $400,000
  • Capable of managing projects in web design, email marketing, online advertising, interactive/digital material, online video production and social media.
  • Skilled in a variety of software programs, including Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Highly involved in social media - noticeable online presence on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, MySpace, etc.
  • Blogger & photographer

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Kenneth is a rising star in the world of interactive marketing. He's passionate about this disciple and is always hungry to learn more. I would recommend Kenneth to anyone who is interested in taking their interactive marketing to the next level.

— Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs

I choose to purposely make myself accessible online on most major social networks in order to be contacted for opportunities, networking or other business-related purposes. Below are link to other sites where you can reach out to me.

If you wish to email me, please contact me at:
info [at] thelettertwo [dot] com

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